One construction company wants to minimize paint expenses. For this reason has to be made a program which can calculate an amount of a paint for the each order. Usually the owner know the longness L , wideness  W , and highness  H of the each room. Also one can of pain is good enough to paint 16 m2, and the size of windows and doors are not important in this calculation


In the first line should be orders` amount. In the each next line —  L, W, H  and the wideness, longness, and highness are not more than 1000 .


For the each order will be shown one one number, what is required amount of the paint cans  


Input Output
 8 8 2 4
1 1 3 1
10 6 2 4
11 6 2 5


Task «Repair» can be solved by using Data Strim processing.


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